Sidewalks, Culverts, Driveways, Treelawns and Curblawns
1012.01   Sidewalk, culvert and driveway construction specifications.
1012.02   Noncompliance; remedy of Municipality.
1012.03   Elevation, grade and surface condition.
1012.04   Construction, repair, etc.; permit required.
1012.05   Sidewalk/culvert construction policy.
1012.99   Penalty.
   Construction and repair at owner's expense - see Ohio R.C. 729.01 et seq.
   Notice to construct or repair sidewalks - see Ohio R.C. 729.03 et seq.
   Obstruction of public ways - see TRAF. Ch. 412
   Duty to keep sidewalks in repair and clean - see GEN. OFF. 660.05
   Sidewalk obstructions; damage or injury - see GEN. OFF. 660.07
   Permit required for curb cuts - see B. & H. 1428.07
   Sidewalk protection during construction - see B. & H. 1428.09