Alarm Systems and False Alarms
1329.01   Purpose.
1329.02   Definitions.
1329.03   Application for license by alarm business.
1329.04   Alarm agent required to possess identification card.
1329.05   Annual business license; fee; penalty for nonrenewal; new licenses.
1329.06   Authority to install alarms; permits; fee.
1329.07   Differentiation between fire and intrusion.
1329.08   Alarms connected directly to police or fire station; permit; fee.
1329.09   False alarms; warning; administrative fee; permit revocation; order; nuisance.
1329.10   Appeal of permit revocation.
1329.11   Equipment requirements; operation and service.
1329.12   Liability of City.
1329.13   Rules and regulations; enforcement.
1329.99   Penalty.
      Smoke detection systems for apartments and condominiums - see    Ohio R.C. 3781.104; OAC Ch. 4101:2-89
      Security guards at all night retail businesses - see BUS. REG. 705.06
      Security safeguards for dwellings - see BLDG. 1305.05