(a)   Upon proper application by any person, firm or corporation engaged in retail, commercial, or industrial enterprises, or any private residence, to connect installed equipment to the City police station to receive emergency alarms, the Chief of Police or his authorized representative may issue a permit for such connection.
   (b)   Connection to the police or fire alarm panel shall be contingent upon the applicant having obtained permission from the company which maintains the alarm panel in the station to make such connection, provided that such company shall not deny permission if the equipment is compatible, and proper charges are paid to such company.
   (c)   No unit shall be installed or connected after the effective date of this section unless it is approved by the Fire Chief if designed to detect smoke or fire or by the Police Chief if designed to detect unauthorized intrusion, or by both if designed to detect both smoke or fire or unauthorized intrusion.  The Building Commissioner or his representative shall inspect and approve the electrical installation and equipment of applicant or, upon failure to approve, shall state the reasons therefor, which the person making the installation shall forthwith correct.
   (d)   The City shall, within its capabilities, endeavor to accommodate every reasonable application for connection to the police or fire alarm panels.
   (e)   All applicants for connection to the police or fire alarm panels shall be required to pay tie-in and annual maintenance charges.  Such payments shall be made to the company, which, at the time, is under agreement with the City to provide tie-in service and maintain its console.
   (f)   Each alarm connected to the police or fire alarm console shall be charged a  maintenance fee of sixty dollars ($60.00) per year payable annually, in advance, to the City.  All such payments shall become due January 1 of each year.  All alarms connected to the City console after February 1 of each year shall be charged in advance for the ensuing year at the rate of five dollars ($5.00) per month beginning the first day of the month of such application.  The Director of Finance is authorized, empowered and directed to bill such amounts upon certification by the Chief of Police that an installation to the Municipal Police Department is being maintained.  Failure of the user to pay a maintenance charge within thirty days of the date of billing shall result in disconnection of the alarm.  There shall be no additional fee for a permit for installation of any alarm connected to the police or fire alarm panel as of the date of passage hereof.
   (g)   Each application for a permit for installation of any alarm covered under this chapter of a person, firm or corporation not located within the corporate limits of the City shall be accompanied by a fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00).
(Ord. 13-2002.  Passed 3-26-02.)