(a)   Any residence or business located within the City may be equipped with an emergency alarm for the purpose of detecting and signaling the presence of a fire or unauthorized intrusion at such location, but no such installation shall be made after the effective date of this section unless all requirements of this chapter have been met.  Existing installations, whether residential or otherwise, shall also be subject to the requirements of this chapter, including those requirements pertaining to obtaining licensing by the alarm business.
   (b)   No person shall install any alarm referred to in this chapter without first obtaining a permit therefor from the City, and no owner and/or tenant of a place shall suffer or allow such installation unless a permit has been obtained as provided herein.
   (c)   A permit for the installation of a local alarm which, when activated, sounds a horn, bell, buzzer or other type of audible alarm, shall be required if the sound created by the alarm is audible beyond the premises being served.  The Chief of Police or his/her designated representative shall issue a permit for such alarm providing the intensity of the sound does not exceed sixty-five decibels at any location outside the premises being served and provided the alarm is equipped with an automatic reset device which resets the alarm within fifteen minutes or the permit holder provides the names, addresses and phone numbers of three persons who will respond when called and reset the alarm within thirty minutes.  Lists of names of person who will respond to reset the alarm shall be kept current and correct by the permittee or alarm business.
   (d)   Each application for a permit for installation of any alarm under this chapter shall be made to the Building Department and shall be accompanied by a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).  The twenty-five dollar ($25.00) permit fee will not be assessed for any alarm system existing at the time this chapter is enacted.
(Ord. 13-2002.  Passed 3-26-02.)