A.   The preliminary interpretation of the director of the community development department may be appealed, in writing, to the city manager for a final decision.
   B.   Written notice of appeal of the city manager's decision may be made to the board of adjustment within twenty (20) calendar days.
   C.   The board of adjustment shall hold a public hearing in order to obtain facts and information from all interested parties, the community development department, and any other pertinent city agency. The director of the community development department shall submit the preliminary interpretation, together with any pertinent information, to the board of adjustment in the form of a recommendation.
   D.   The board of adjustment shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing, give public notice, and due notice to the parties in interest. Public notice must be published in an official newspaper, or a newspaper of general circulation, in the city.
   E.   The board of adjustment may continue any hearing if necessary to obtain additional facts and information; in such case, a second legal notice is not required if the time, date, and location of the continued hearing are announced at the hearing and placed in the official record. (Ord. 3097, 4-7-2008)