A.   If ambiguity arises concerning the appropriate classification of a particular use within the meaning and intent of this title, or if a specific use is not listed, any person proposing to conduct such use may request an interpretation from the director of the community development department.
   B.   The department shall follow the rules of interpretation listed in this section in determining the classification of a particular use. This preliminary interpretation is advisory in nature and does not constitute an order, requirement, decision, or determination under section 76-2-323 Montana Code Annotated. A written copy of each such interpretation shall be kept on file with the community development department.
   C.   The determination of which zoning districts a previously unclassified use will be classified as permitted must be based upon whether the unclassified use is similar to and compatible with other uses permitted in the zoning district. (Ord. 3097, 4-7-2008)