A.   Streets and alleys that are dedicated to the public and exist as travelways are not considered zoned.
   B.   If ambiguity arises concerning the location of the boundary of any zoning district shown on the official zoning map, any person may request an interpretation from the director of the community development department.
   C.   The department shall follow the rules of interpretation listed in this section in determining the location of a boundary of a zoning district. This preliminary interpretation is advisory in nature and does not constitute an order, requirement, decision, or determination under section 76-2-323 Montana Code Annotated. A written copy of each such interpretation shall be kept on file with the community development department.
   D.   The location of the boundary of any zoning district shall be interpreted as following the nearest logical lines to that shown. This includes platted lot lines, city limit lines, edge of dedicated public rights of way, or stream or water centerlines. (Ord. 3097, 4-7-2008)