A.   It shall be unlawful to perform the following acts: permitting a spark or sparks from a lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe to fall upon or into anything inflammable; placing any lighted smoking material on or about or in close proximity to any flammable article or articles; falling asleep with lighted smoking material of any kind at hand; throwing lighted smoking material out of a window or into an elevator pit or elsewhere other than in a proper receptacle therefor; dropping a lighted cigarette or cigar or part thereof into a mail chute in any building; failing to extinguish the fire of a match or any kind of lighter device after use of the same; failure to destroy the lighted part of a cigar or cigarette when disposing of it; failure to destroy the burning smidgen or smidgens of tobacco from a pipe when cleaning or unloading a pipe.
   B.   Smoking may not occur within a reasonable distance of an indoor public place such that tobacco smoke may enter through its entrances, windows, ventilation systems or other accesses and circulate to nonsmoking areas. (Ord. 3251, 5-20-2019)