§ 158.55  PURPOSE.
   (A)   This subchapter is adopted to provide open space and recreational areas in the form of parks as a function of subdivision and site development in the city and its extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). This subchapter is enacted in accordance with the home rule powers of the city granted under the Texas Constitution and the statutes of the state, including, but not by way of limitation, Tex. Local Gov’t. Code, Ch. 212 as may be amended from time to time.
   (B)   It is hereby declared by the City Council that open space and recreational areas in the form of trails, parks, and preserves are necessary for the health and welfare of the residents of the city, and that the only adequate procedure to provide for parks is by integrating such requirements into the procedure for planning and developing property or subdivisions in the city and its ETJ to accommodate the associated and proportionate impact on the parks and recreation system, whether such development consists of subdivision, new construction on vacant land, or rebuilding and remodeling of structures on previously developed property.
   (C)   Parks provide for a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational and healthy living opportunities and are located in various locations throughout the city. The land area of the city being less than 15 square miles shall be prima facie evidence that any park located therein is within a convenient distance from any residence located therein. The primary cost of purchasing or acquiring, developing, and improving parks shall be borne by the landowners of residential property or projects who, by reason of the proximity of their property to such parks, are the primary beneficiaries of such facilities.
   (D)   Due to the city’s small size, a typical park in the city is designed to serve the needs of residents from the entire community no matter where the park is or will be located in the city. Parks serve both active and passive leisure and recreation needs of residents and their visitors, in addition to serving the essential purposes of providing open space to maintain the rural character of the city as desired by the community. The purchase, acquisition, development, and improvement of the basic infrastructure and facilities for parks in the city are based upon the demand from the residents they are intended to serve.
   (E)   Recognizing that there are different sizes, scales, and types of park facilities, the required level of service contained herein has been designed based on the smallest of park facilities at existing level of service, a neighborhood park of two to ten acres, to meet the basic infrastructure and facilities standard. Any fees collected per these requirements can, however, be utilized in the purchase or acquisition of parkland, development, and/or improvement of any size or scale park facility in the city as planned for or recommended in the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan (expressly or via intent), as may be amended from time to time, which is hereby adopted by reference and incorporated herein for all purposes.
   (F)   Therefore, the following requirements are adopted to affect the purposes stated above.
(Ord. 180327B, passed 3-27-2018)