(A)   No building permit shall be granted for new construction of any property nor shall any original water or sewer service connection be made or service commenced unless and until impact fees required by this subchapter are assessed and collected or a contract providing for payment as approved by the city is entered into.
   (B)   For new development located on property which was platted under the procedures of the city’s procedures prior to adoption of an impact fee, impact fees shall not be due on any service unit for which a valid building permit is issued prior to August 2, 1991.
   (C)   For new development located on property located in subdivisions where all streets, sewers and water lines were constructed by the developer prior to August 2, 1991, no impact fee shall be done.
   (D)   Other governmental entities within the city shall be subject to the provisions of this subchapter unless the City Council determines that the fee should not apply in accordance with § 150.11 below.
(2005 Code, § 7-1-5)  (Ord. 900904, passed 9-4-1990)