General Provisions
   155.001   Title
   155.002   Purpose
   155.003   Definitions
   155.004   Districts
   155.005   Conformance with district regulations required
District Regulations
   155.020   R-1 One-Family Dwelling District
   155.021   R1-R Rural One-Family Dwelling District
   155.022   R1-A Single-Family Garden Home Residential District
   155.0221   R1-I Single-Family Infill Dwelling District
   155.023   R-2 Two-Family Dwelling District
   155.0231   R2-I Two-Family Infill Dwelling District
   155.024   R-MU Mixed Residential
   155.025   R-3 Multi-Family Dwelling District
   155.026   R-MH Manufactured Home Park District
   155.027   RT-1 Townhouse Single-Family Dwelling District
   155.028   B-1 Office District
   155.029   B-2 Neighborhood Retail District
   155.030   B-3 Local Business District
   155.031   B-4 Secondary and Highway Business District
   155.032   B-5 General Business District
   155.033   M-1 Light Manufacturing District
   155.034   M-2 Heavy Manufacturing District
   155.035   T District
   155.036   PD Planned Development District
   155.037   Reserved
   155.038   Reserved
   155.039   Setback requirements (Table 21-A)
   155.040   Additional use, height, area, and lighting regulations; exceptions
   155.041   Knight’s Way Corridor
Screening and Landscaping
   155.050   Screening requirements
   155.051   Landscape requirements
Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
   155.060   Purpose
   155.061   General standards
   155.062   Design standards
   155.063   Off-site or remote parking
   155.064   Parking for mixed use development
   155.065   Handicapped facilities
   155.066   Number of parking spaces required
   155.067   Off-street loading requirements
   155.068   Private or personal property parking areas for persons with disabilities
   155.069   Parking in yards in residential areas
Home Based Child Care
   155.080   Home based child care regulations
   155.081   Home based child care use restrictions
   155.082   Pre-existing home based child care facilities
Home Occupations
   155.084   Home occupations
Nonconforming and Prohibited Uses
   155.100   Nonconforming use of land
   155.101   Nonconforming use of buildings
   155.102   Prohibited uses
   155.200   Building permits
   155.201   Conditional use permits
   155.202   Certificate of occupancy
   155.203   Temporary use permits
Administration and Enforcement
   155.210   Notification of rezoning requests
   155.211   Resubmission of zoning requests
   155.212   Changes and amendments
   155.213   Boundaries of districts
   155.214   Interpretation, purpose, and conflict
Board of Adjustment
   155.220   Composition
   155.221   Appeals to the Board of Adjustment
   155.222   Powers of the Board of Adjustment
Planning and Zoning Commission
   155.230   Established; membership; function
   155.231   Terms of members; filling vacancies; removal
   155.232   Qualification of members
   155.233   Meetings
   155.234   Powers and duties
   155.999   Penalty