General Provisions
   119.01   All licenses subject to city ordinances
   119.02   Issuance; records to be kept
   119.03   Application for license
   119.04   Term of license; expiration date
   119.05   Transfer of license
   119.06   License to be posted
   119.07   Change of business location
   119.08   Refusing to show upon request
   119.09   Rebates or refunds of city licenses prohibited
   119.10   Numbering and registering
   119.11   Suspension and revocation of license
   119.12   Failure to perform required inspections not grounds for denial of license application
   119.13   Appeal of denial of license application, or suspension or revocation of license
   119.14   Inspections of licensed premises
Specific Licenses
   119.25   Dog check licenses
   119.26   Metallic vehicle plates
   119.27   Dispensing machines on public right-of- way
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to regulate, tax, and license businesses and professions, see I.C. 36-8-2-10