(A)   If any person licensed by the Mayor to carry on, engage in or conduct any business or occupation required to be licensed by this code or the ordinances of the city, and having designated in his or her license a particular place in which the business so licensed is to be carried on, engaged in, or conducted, shall, before the expiration of the license, change the location of the place of business, he or she shall forthwith file with the City Controller a written application with frontage consents, if this is required for a license for a new location.  This application shall state the exact new location by giving the number of the lot and the street number where he or she proposes to continue the business, and with the application the licensee shall file the license he or she holds.
   (B)   The City Controller shall thereupon issue a new license to that person for the unexpired term of the license filed with the application, and the license so filed with the application shall be surrendered to and cancelled by the City Controller.  The licensee shall pay no other fee than the required City Controller’s fee for issuing a new license, which fee shall be the same as was paid for the cancelled license.
(Prior Code, § 119.07)  Penalty, see § 10.99