(A)   The Fish Creek Trail will be closed from dusk to dawn.
   (B)   Users of the Trail shall remain on the trail property and are prohibited from entering adjacent properties, which is considered trespass and subjects the individual to liability.
   (C)   Climbing on trees is prohibited.
   (D)   Swimming, wading, or any other entry into the waters of Fish Creek is prohibited.
   (E)   Hunting of all types is prohibited.
   (F)   The damage to, defacement of or destruction of any of the components of Fish Creek Trail is prohibited and is hereby declared an infraction.
   (G)   Motorized vehicles, except authorized emergency vehicles and maintenance vehicles, are prohibited.
   (H)   Horses are prohibited.
   (I)   The use and possession of alcohol, illegal substances, smoking products, vaping products, fires, or fireworks on Fish Creek Trail property is prohibited.
   (J)   Camping is prohibited, including the pitching of tents and building of fires.
   (K)   No trees shall be harvested or trimmed within the area composing the Fish Creek Trail Project unless specific permission is given by the Hamilton Town Council with the advice of the Hamilton Park Board.
   (L)   No field tile shall be located under, along and through the area comprising the Fish Creek Trail Project except with specific permission from the Hamilton Town Council with the advice of the Hamilton Park Board, and in the event permission for tiling is given, tiling shall be restricted to a solid tile and located in a specific easement as granted by the town. The permission that must be obtained from the town is in addition to any other permits or authorizations required from Steuben County and the State of Indiana and any agencies thereof.
   (M)   Signs shall be posted at the Bellefountain Road and Ball Lake Road entrances to the trail and trailhead rule signs shall be posted at various locations along the trail.
   (N)   This chapter shall be enforced by the Town of Hamilton and the County of Steuben.
(Ord. 2002-01, passed 4-15-02; Am. Ord. 07-2023, passed 9-5-23) Penalty, see § 91.99