Chapter 13.15 Rules Governing the Sale of Electric Energy
   13.15.010   Electrical capacity fee.
   13.15.015   Electrical distribution fee.
   13.15.020   Electric service connection fee.
   13.15.021   Waiver of electrical capacity and distribution fees.
   13.15.030   Electric energy sale rates.
   13.15.035   Definitions.
   13.15.036   Description of service.
   13.15.037   Phase and voltage specifications.
   13.15.038   Motor protection and equipment.
   13.15.040   Allowable motor starting currents.
   13.15.050   Interference with service.
   13.15.055   Power factor.
   13.15.060   Wave form.
   13.15.065   Welder service.
   13.15.100   Temporary service.
   13.15.120   Line extensions.
   13.15.200   Service connections and facilities on customer’s premises.
   13.15.205   Customer-owned solar, wind and/or solar/wind hybrid electric generation.
   13.15.210   Electric service--Prohibited use.
   13.15.300   Supply to separate premises and resale.
   13.15.400   Application for service.
   13.15.410   Individual liability for joint service.
   13.15.420   Change in customer's equipment or operations.