Chapter 13.14 Water Efficient Landscape
   13.14.010   Purpose.
   13.14.020   Applicability.
   13.14.030   Definitions.
   13.14.040   Compliance with landscape documentation package.
   13.14.050   Penalties.
   13.14.060   Elements of the landscape documentation package.
   13.14.070   Water efficient landscape worksheet.
   13.14.080   Soil management report.
   13.14.090   Landscape design plan.
   13.14.100   Irrigation design plan.
   13.14.110   Grading design plan.
   13.14.120   Certificate of completion.
   13.14.130   Irrigation scheduling.
   13.14.140   Landscape and irrigation maintenance schedule.
   13.14.150   Irrigation audit, irrigation survey, and irrigation water use analysis.
   13.14.160   Irrigation efficiency.
   13.14.170   Recycled water.
   13.14.180   Graywater systems.
   13.14.190   Storm water management and rainwater retention.
   13.14.200   Public education.
   13.14.210   Environmental review.
   13.14.220   Provisions for existing landscapes.
   13.14.230   Irrigation audit, survey, and water use analysis - existing landscapes.
   13.14.240   Water waste prevention.
   13.14.250   Effective precipitation.
   13.14.260   Provisions for appeal.
   13.14.270   Forms.
   Appendix A   Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo) Table
   Appendix B   Sample Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet
   Appendix C   Sample Certificate of Completion
   Appendix D   Prescriptive Compliance Option