Appendix B  Sample Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet
This worksheet is filled out by the project applicant and it is a required element of the Landscape Documentation Package
   Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo)
Hydrozone # /Planting Descriptiona
Plant Factor (PF)
Irrigation Methodb
Irrigation Efficiency (IE)c
Landscape Area (sq. ft.)
ETAF x Area
Estimated Total Water Use (ETWU)d
Regular Landscape Areas
Special Landscape Areas
ETWU Total
Maximum Allowed Water Allowance (MAWA)e
aHydrozone #      bIrrigation Method      cIrrigation         dETWU (Annual Gallons
/Planting       overhead spray      Efficiency         Required)=
Description E.g   or drip            0.75 for spray head      Eto x 0.62 x ETAF x Area
1) front lawn                   0.81 for drip           where 0.62 is a
2) Low water use                              conversion factor that
plantings                                acre-inches per acre per
3) Medium water                             year to gallons per
use planting                                square foot per year
eMAWA (Annual Gallons Allowed)=(Eto)(0.62)[(ETAF x LA) + ((1-ETAF) x SLA)]
   where 0.62 is a conversion factor that acre-inches per acre per year to gallons per square foot per year. LA is the total landscape area in square feet, SLA is the total special landscape area in square feet, and ETAF is .55 for residential areas and 0.45 for non-residential areas.
   ETAF Calculations         Average ETAF for Regular Landscape Areas must be 0.55 or below for residential areas, and 0.45 or below for non-residential areas.
Regular Landscape Areas
Total ETAF x Area
Total Area
Average ETAF
B ÷ A
All Landscape Areas
Total ETAF x Area
Total Area
Statewide ETAF
(B+D) ÷ (A+C)
(Ord. 814-2015, 2016)