3.40.020  Definitions.
   For the purposes of interpreting this chapter, the following definitions are intended to be controlling:
   A.   City: The City of Gridley, a municipal corporation and City within the State of California.
   B.   Day: Unless otherwise specified, means calendar day.
   C.   Delinquency: The failure to do any act required to be done pursuant to this chapter, at the time required by this chapter.
   D.   Lodging: Any building, portion of a building, reserved outdoor space, or other premises or area rented for use by transients for overnight accommodations. A "lodging" shall refer to the following premises, including but not limited to: Motel, hotel, inn, tourist home, bed and breakfast, rooming house, apartment house, mobilehome park, recreational vehicle park, campground, or parking area.
   E.   Occupancy: The use, or the right to use, any lodging.
   F.   Operator: The person who is proprietor of the lodging whether in the capacity of owner, lessee, sublessee, mortgagee in possession, licensee, or in any other capacity. Where the operator performs his function through a managing agent of any type or character other than that of an employee, the managing agent shall also be deemed to be an operator for purposes of this chapter and shall have the same duties and liabilities as his principal. Compliance with the provisions of this chapter by either the principal or the managing agent shall, however, be considered to be compliance by both.
   G.   Person: A natural person acting as an individual or sole proprietorship, or any group or combination of natural persons, or any business entity such as a partnership, joint venture, association, club, corporation, trust, syndicate or other form of entity.
   H.   Rent: Any fee, charge, or other valuable consideration received by an operator as gross proceeds paid by a transient (defined below) for lodging. The "rent" shall be valued in money, whether it is received in money or in kind goods or services. "Rent" shall include all services of any kind or nature prior to any deduction for any reason whatever.
   I.   Tax: The transient occupancy tax imposed by this chapter.
   J.   Tax collector: The City Clerk of the City of Gridley or the Clerk’s designee.
   K.   Transient: Any person having occupancy or a lodging for a period of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days or less regardless of the form of agreement, license, permit or entitlement. Any person actually occupying a lodging shall be deemed to be a transient until the period of thirty (30) days has expired unless there is an agreement in writing, between the operator and occupant, providing for a longer period of occupancy.