131.001   Larceny
   131.002   Larceny by false pretense
Public Property
   131.015   Damaging or misuse of public property generally
   131.016   Opening or tampering with fire hydrants and waterlines
   131.017   Breaking or removing street lights
   131.018   Walking on or damaging grass plots
   131.019   Damaging private property generally
   131.020   Removing or damaging property on vacant structure or building
   131.035   Trespassing on private property
   131.036   Breaking or entering coin box or other receptacle
   131.037   Breaking and entering outside showcase or counter
   131.038   Trespassing on publically owned property or private or public utilities
Tampering With/Damaging Property
   131.055   Tampering with property of public utilities; manhole covers
   131.056   Tampering with utility wires and posting bills on utility poles
   131.057   Damaging public lamps, utilities poles and sign posts
   131.058   Injury or damage to flowers, shrubs, fences and parks
   131.059   Flags and decorations; damaging
   131.060   Damaging monuments and signs
   131.061   Defrauding places of public accommodation; proof, exception
   131.062   Receiving stolen goods prohibited
   131.063   Revocation of license upon conviction
   131.064   Removing, destroying or leaving down fences
General Offenses
   131.080   Failing to return books and the like, borrowed from certain public institutions
   131.081   Trespass for various purposes
   131.082   Altering and removing landmarks