General Provisions
   150.01   Short title
   150.02   Definitions
Formation; Assessment
   150.15   Petition for formation
   150.16   Plans and specifications
   150.17   Assessing
   150.18   Resolution
   150.19   Notices
   150.20   Prevention by remonstrances
   150.21   Ordinance creating local improvement district
   150.22   Assessment ordinance procedures
   150.23   Lien recording; payments over time or by cash
   150.24   Errors in assessment calculations
Reassessment; Miscellaneous
   150.35   Authority to make reassessment
   150.36   Basis for amount and method of reassessment
   150.37   Effect of reassessment; exceptions
   150.38   Council resolution to reassess
   150.39   Publication of notice of reassessment; contents
   150.40   Personal notice to each owner; right to file objections
   150.41   Hearing on objections; revision of reassessment
   150.42   Reassessment ordinance
   150.43   Lien docket entry; crediting prior payments
   150.44   Right of purchaser at sale under prior assessment
   150.45   Review of reassessment
   150.46   Additional reassessment procedure; time limitation
   150.47   Municipal bonds accepted as payment for assessment liens
   150.48   Assessment of public property benefitted by improvements
   150.49   Public roads included in sidewalk improvement district; assessment on benefitted property
   150.50   Parking and city improvements
   150.51   Abandonment of proceedings
   150.52   Curative provision
   150.53   Special provisions for sanitary and storm sewers
   150.54   Apportionment of local improvement district assessments