(A)   The formation of a local improvement district may be initiated by petition submitted to the City Recorder. All petitions must be submitted on forms provided by the city.
   (B)   Prior to circulating a petition, a chief petitioner must be identified on forms provided by the city.
   (C)   The chief petitioner shall agree to pay a fee of $640, or the other amount and schedule that the city may, from time to time, set by resolution for advance financed public improvements.
   (D)   All plans and specifications, as outlined in § 150.16, shall be filed with the City Recorder before the circulation of the petition.
   (E)   All plans and specifications filed with the City Recorder must be attached to the petition prior to circulation and made available for public viewing at the City Hall during all regular business hours.
   (F)   After a petition has been circulated and submitted to the City Recorder, the city shall have 90 days to complete the activities outlined in §§ 150.17 and 150.18.
(Ord. 333-99, passed 12-14-1998)