1125.02  AMENDMENTS.
   (a)   Council may, from time to time, on its own motion or petition, after public notice and hearing, amend the regulations and districts herein established. Every such proposed amendment shall be referred by Council to the Planning Commission for report. The report shall be returned to Council prior to its public hearing, which shall be held after thirty days' advertisement in a newspaper of general circulation in the City. Any such amendment that has failed to receive the approval of the City Planning Commission shall not be passed by Council except by a two-thirds vote.
   (b)   Whenever an amendment to the Planning and Zoning Code is proposed, and such amendment will transfer an area to a less restrictive use, height or area district, and a protest is presented, duly signed and acknowledged by the owners of at least twenty percent (20%) of the land adjacent to and within 200 feet of such area proposed to be transferred, such amendment shall not be passed except by a two-thirds vote of Council.
   (c)   Whenever the owners of fifty percent (50%) of the land in any area shall present a petition, duly signed and acknowledged, to Council requesting an amendment of the regulations prescribed for such area, it shall be the duty of Council to vote upon such amendment within ninety days of the filing of same by the petitioners with the Clerk of Council.
   (d)   If any area is hereafter transferred to another district, by a change in the district boundaries, by amendment, as provided in this section, the provisions of this Planning and Zoning Code with regard to buildings or premises existing at the time of the passage of this Planning and Zoning Code shall apply to buildings or premises existing in such transferred area at the time of the passage of such amendment. (Ord. 121-1962. Passed 12-17-62.)
   (e)   Whenever any owner, builder or person in interest requests a change in zoning of a particular lot, parcel or area, with the express purpose in view of construction of a particular building or buildings, the request for such change of zoning shall be accompanied by at least one typical drawing or plan of the proposed construction, which drawing or plan shall show front, side and rear elevations, and shall also show the proposed plot plan. Such plans or drawings shall be delivered to the Clerk of Council, who shall make it part of the permanent records of Council.
   (f)   Any subsequent deviations in the proposed construction and/or plot plan shall be submitted to Council for final approval or waiver.
(Ord. 65-1964. Passed 5-11-64.)