General Provisions Related to Water and Sewer Systems
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Connecting toilet, sink, cesspool drain to storm water drains
   51.003   Policy of city relative to water supplies, cesspools and the like
   51.004   Minimum and maximum setbacks around water supply wells
   51.005   Duty of owner or occupant to connect water and sewer lines
   51.006   Finding of necessity; systems declared combined
   51.007   Operation by city
   51.008   Service area
   51.009   Rates and charges established
   51.010   Owner liable for charges
   51.011   Bills
   51.012   Delinquent charges; discontinuation of service
   51.013   Furnishing of free services prohibited
   51.014   Meters
   51.015   Connections
   51.016   Cross-connections
   51.017   Right of access by system employees
   51.018   Filing of ordinances to be notice to owners, users of services
   51.019   Restricted use of system
   51.020   Construction, maintenance and repair subject to approval of city
   51.021   Separate sewer systems
   51.022   Discharge of sewage
   51.023   Privies and cesspools
   51.024   Connection to public sewer required
   51.025   Tampering with sewage works
   51.026   Administration; enforcement
Special Provisions Related to Sewer System Private Sewage Disposal
   51.101   Compliance required
   51.102   Permit required
   51.103   When permit effective
   51.104   Connection to public system when available
   51.105   Operation of private system
   51.106   Additional requirements
   51.107   Cleaning and filling private system
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.120   Disturbing public sewers
   51.121   Discharges restricted
   51.122   Classes of building sewers
   51.123   Conditions for issuance of building sewer permits
   51.124   Separate sewers required
   51.125   Old building sewers
   51.126   Materials and construction requirements
   51.127   Building drain
   51.128   Surface runoff
   51.129   Requirements for connection to public sewer
   51.130   Inspection and connection
   51.131   Excavation
Public Sewer Use
   51.140   Surface waters prohibited
   51.141   Discharge to storm sewers
   51.142   Certain discharges prohibited
   51.143   Harmful materials prohibited
   51.144   City options concerning harmful wastes
   51.145   Oil and sand interceptors
   51.146   Preliminary treatment facilities
   51.147   Manhole required
   51.148   Industrial waste measurements
   51.149   Methods and standards for measurements
   51.150   Special agreements
Wastewater Service Charges
   51.160   Basis for wastewater service charges
   51.999   Penalty