General Provisions
   115.01   Definitions
   115.02   Enforcement
Trailer Regulations
   115.15   Unlawful to park or store outside of trailer camp
   115.16   Removal of wheels or other transporting devices
   115.17   Parking of trailers in rear yard of dwelling house
   115.18   Storage, parking of trailers authorized if not used for sleeping purposes
   115.19   Use of trailer as office
Trailer Camps
   115.30   Location of trailer camps
   115.31   Trailer campsite requirements
   115.32   Sanitary requirements
   115.33   Inspection of trailer camps; duty of Health Officer
   115.34   Exceptions to sanitary requirements, inspection
   115.35   Fire extinguishers on premises required
   115.36   Owner, operator to keep record of occupants
Camp Licenses and Permits
   115.50   License required
   115.51   Application; contents
   115.52   Issuance of permit to construct facilities
   115.53   Issuance of license
   115.54   Fees
   115.55   Duration; renewal
   115.56   License to be displayed on premises
   115.57   Transfer; approval of Health Officer
   115.58   Revocation; grounds
   115.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to locate and regulate the use and construction of trailer parks, ILCS Ch.  65, Act 5, § 11-42-8
   Definition of trailer coach park, ILCS Ch. 65,  Act 5, § 11-42-8b
   Standards of Migrant Labor Camp Law to be met by municipalities, ILCS Ch. 210, Act 110, §§ 1 et seq.