General Requirements
   91.01   Findings
   91.02   Owning certain animals prohibited
   91.03   Animals excluded from prohibition
   91.04   Cruelty to animals
   91.05   Procedures for cruelty to animals; fines
   91.06   Picketing of dogs
   91.07   Animal nuisances
   91.08   Animal owner responsibility for removal of animal excrement
Dogs and Cats and Other Domesticated Animals
   91.20   Immunization of dogs, cats and ferrets
   91.21   Animals prohibited to run at large
   91.22   Habitual violator; animal at large
   91.23   Aggressive animal at large defined
   91.24   Habitual violator; aggressive animal at-large
   91.25   Pursuit onto private property
   91.26   Impounding, redemption and disposition
   91.27   Noise disturbance
   91.28   Damage to private property
   91.29   Animal bites; quarantine
Dangerous Dogs
   91.40   Definitions
   91.41   Procedure for the determination of a dangerous dog
   91.42   Control of dangerous dog; registration and confinement
   91.43   Dogs; threats to public safety
Birds and Squirrels
   91.60   Shooting or molesting birds, squirrels
Horses and Ponies
   91.70   Riding, driving, leading horses, ponies