Building Code
   150.001   Building Code adopted
   150.002   Mandatory building codes
   150.003   Amendments to codes
   150.004   Permissive codes
   150.005   Building permit required
   150.006   Standard Building Code definitions
   150.007   Fees
   150.008   Partially built structures
   150.009   Construction on public dedicated land
   150.010   Storm hazard reduction on construction sites
   150.011   Other definitions
Electrical Code
   150.025   (Reserved)
   150.026   Approval of electrical devices, materials and appliances
   150.027   License required for installation; exceptions
   150.028   Grounds for revocation
   150.029   Permit required; application; annual permit
   150.030   Exceptions
   150.031   Fees
   150.032   Certificate of approval; notice to utility
   150.033   Revocation of permits or approvals
   150.034   Where rigid raceways required
   150.035   Temporary service
   150.036   Service entrance
   150.037   Service alterations on existing structures
   150.038   Panels
   150.039   Romex
   150.040   Receptacles
   150.041   Appliances generally
   150.042   Conduit entrance
   150.043   Liability of Electrical Inspector or city official for damages
   150.044   Enforcement; right of entry of Electrical Inspector
   150.045   Requirements not covered by code
   150.046   Minimum square footage for septic systems
Mechanical Code
   150.070   (Reserved)
   150.071   Duct standards
Gas Code
   150.085   Valves on house lines; work to be performed by licensed installers
   150.086   Penalties for striking and damaging utility lines or pipes
Hazardous Materials
   150.090   Hazardous materials
Unfit Dwellings
   150.100   Investigation and procedure to determine unfitness
   150.101   Standards for determining fitness of dwelling for human habitation
   150.102   Service of complaints or orders; posting and filing copies
   150.103   Appeal to Construction and Fire Board of Adjustments and Appeals
   150.104   Rights of persons affected by orders
   150.105   Powers and authority of Building Official
   150.106   Sale of materials of removed or demolished dwelling
   150.107   Prohibitions on vacated dwellings
   150.108   Termination of utilities
   150.109   Emergency vacate order and termination of utilities
   150.110   Subchapter provisions are cumulative
Administration and Enforcement
   150.120   Building Official
   150.121   Appeals heard by Construction and Fire Board of Adjustments and Appeals
   150.122   Enforcement
   Beach Preservation and Construction Provisions, see Ch. 151
   Construction, ingress and/or egress on properties accreted unnaturally from Post-Hugo Dune Restoration Project, see 152.12