(a)   Required. No person or organization shall promote, conduct or operate a teenage public dance, within the City, without first obtaining a license therefor authorized by the Dance Licensing Board. No person or organization other than duly accredited churches, civic or service clubs or charitable organizations, and governmental agencies or entities, shall promote, conduct or operate a general public dance within the City, without first obtaining a license therefor authorized by the Dance Licensing Board; provided, that any person or organization may conduct one special event dance in any given twelve month period, without license, upon registration of the same in accordance with § 8-40, and performance of the duties imposed upon dance license holders by § 8-41. Licenses shall be of three kinds:
      (1)   Teenage dance license.
         A teenage dance license held by a business shall be valid for a six (6) month period and shall be renewable upon approval of the Board and upon payment of the fees herein provided.
         a.   If the business has a liquor license and is classified as a saloon or barroom, then the license holder shall place the license in escrow for the entire day of the teenage dance. The license holder shall do the following:
         b   Notify the Michigan Liquor Control Commission ten (10) days in advance of its intent to place the license in escrow; and,
         c   Deliver the license to the Flint Police Department. The license must be held for at least one (1) full day.
      (2)   Limited use teenage dance license. A person renting a hall for purposes of holding a teenage dance and the hall is not in possession of a teenage dance license shall apply for a limited use teenage dance license that is valid for a single event only.
      (3)   General public dance license. General public dance hall licenses are annual licenses, covering a one year period, and shall expire on April 30 succeeding issuance thereof, and shall be renewable upon approval of the Board and upon payment of the fees herein provided.
   (b)   Application.  Application shall be made to the City Clerk and referred by the City Clerk to the Dance Licensing Board for action. An investigation fee as specified in Chapter 26 of this Code shall be paid to the City Clerk at the time the application is filed. The application shall set forth the kind of license sought, the name and address of the applicant, the names and addresses of its officers if an organization, a copy of the applicant’s liability insurance of no less than one (1) million dollars, and if a single event, the date upon which the dance is to be held, and the address thereof; in addition, if a teenage dance license is sought the approximate attendance expected and the minimum number of adult supervisors and security who will be in attendance at all times during the holding of any dance.
   (c)   Dance Licensing Board. A board which shall be known as the Dance Licensing Board is hereby established. The Board shall consist of five members, one of whom shall be the Chief of Police of the City, or his/her designated representative, one of whom shall be the Superintendent of the Flint Community Schools, or his/her designated representative, and one of whom shall be the City Administrator, or his/her designated representative. The remaining members shall be appointed for the term of two years by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.
   (d)   Investigation of applicant.  Upon receipt of an application from the City Clerk the Board shall cause to be made such investigation as it deems proper, to determine whether the applicant is a fit and proper person or organization for holding the license applied for. Favorable reports shall be required before approving any application. After completion of its investigation the Board shall endorse upon the application its approval or disapproval, and promptly return the same to the City Clerk.
   (e)   Fire inspection. The applicant for a teenage dance license shall submit to a fire inspection for each teenage dance license requested thirty (30) days prior to the event.
   (f)   Issuance; fees. Upon receipt for the Board of any approved application the City Clerk shall issue the appropriate license. A license fee as specified in Chapter 26 of this Code shall be collected by the City Clerk prior to delivery of the license, which shall be posted in a prominent place at the location of any dance held thereunder.
   (g)   Revocation or suspension.
      (1)   Any license issued under this section may be revoked or suspended by the Board if any of the following conditions exist or occur:
         a.   Material misstatement in the license application.
         b.   Violation of any provisions of this article.
         c.   The holding of any dance under the license issued which will not comport with the public peace and welfare.
      (2)   In the event of such revocation or suspension, the licensee shall have the right to appeal from the action taken to the City Council.
   (h)   Promulgation of rules. The Board is hereby authorized to adopt such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary to carry out its duties.
(Ord. 2057, passed 6-3-1968; Ord. 3200, passed 4-27-1992; Ord. 3746, passed 1-12-2009)