The following general provisions shall apply to and regulate all public dances:
   (a)   No public dance shall be promoted, conducted or operated except in a public dance hall licensed under this ordinance.
   (b)   The premises identified in any dance registration or used for any public dance shall be subject to inspection by proper City officials at all reasonable times prior to the dance, and at all times during the course of the dance. Holders of dance and dance hall licenses shall conform to all lawful orders issued relative to decorations, conditions of the premises, including the level of lighting, and conduct of the dance.
   (c)   Good order and decorum shall be maintained at all times during any public dance.
   (d)   No greater number of persons shall be permitted in any public dance hall at one time than appears upon the license thereof as its rated capacity. Intoxicated persons shall not be permitted to dance or loiter upon the premises.
   (e)   It shall be the responsibility of the holder of the public dance license to control conduct at any public dance, and comply with the provisions herein. If disorderly, indecent, or rowdy conduct continues at any dance, the licensee, or proper City officials, shall terminate and shut down such dance, and upon their orders the dance hall shall be cleared and vacated. Inability of a public dance licensee to control a dance shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of his license by the Dance Licensing Board.
   (f)   No person shall loiter around or about the premises of any public dance during the time of the dance or immediately before and after such dance.
(Ord. 2057, passed 6-3-1968; Ord. 3748, passed 1-12-2009)