Pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan Plumbing Code, in accordance with Act 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, the Building Official of the City of Flint is hereby designated as the enforcing agency to discharge the responsibilities of the City of Flint under Act 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, being MCLA §§ 125.1501 et seq., and MSA §§ 5.2949(1) et seq., as amended. The City of Flint, through its Department of Public Works and Utilities, Building and Safety Inspections Division, by adoption of this section assumes responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the State of Michigan Plumbing Code in the City of Flint.
(Ord. 2851, passed 9-13-1982; Ord. 3026, passed 2-9-1987; Ord. 3033, passed 4-27-1987; Ord. 3090, passed 2-13-1989; Ord. 3211, passed 8-16-1992; Ord. 3225, passed 12-14-1992)
   Buildings, see Ch. 11
   Heating, see Ch. 22
   Housing, see Ch. 24
   Utilities, see Ch. 46