General Provisions
   95.01   Definitions
   95.02   Authority and territorial application
   95.03   General duties of law enforcement officers responsible for animal enforcement
   95.04   Citations
   95.05   Tranquilizer guns
   95.06   Interference or concealment
   95.07   Public nuisances prohibited
   95.08   Confinement of female dog during estrus (heat)
   95.09   Dangerous/potentially dangerous dogs restricted
   95.10   Mistreatment of animals prohibited
   95.11   Destruction of animals that cannot be seized or confined by reasonable means
   95.12   Impoundment
   95.13   Voluntary relinquishment of animals
   95.14   Redemption of unvaccinated animal
   95.15   Euthanasia of wounded, diseased and unwanted animals
   95.16   Relation to hunting laws
   95.17   Fees
   95.18   Collection of dogs and cats for resale prohibited
   95.19   Notice in case of injury
   95.20   Restraint/confinement of domestic animals required
   95.21   Animal abandonment
   95.22   Prohibition against giveaways in public places
   95.23   Aggressive dog controls
   95.24   Prohibition of possession of inherently dangerous or wild animals
Rabies Control
   95.30   Compliance with state rabies laws; supplement to state rabies laws
   95.31   Vaccination of dogs, cats and other pets
   95.32   Report and confinement of dogs and cats biting persons or showing symptoms of rabies
   95.33   Destruction or confinement of animal bitten by known rabid animal
   95.34   Area-wide emergency quarantine
   95.35   Postmortem rabies testing
   95.36   Unlawful killing or releasing of certain animals
   95.37   Failure to surrender dog or cat for quarantine or euthanasia
   95.38   Spay-neuter assistance program
Companion Animal Registry
   95.50   Companion animal registration
   95.51   Enforcement
   95.52   Compliance with existing laws
   95.60   Allowing livestock to run at large forbidden
   95.61   Impounding livestock at large; right to recover costs and damages
   95.62   Notice and demand when owner known
   95.63   Notice when owner not known
   95.64   Determination of damages by selected landowners or by referee
   95.65   Notice of sale and sale where owner fails to redeem or is unknown; application of proceeds
   95.66   Illegally releasing or receiving impounded livestock misdemeanor
   95.67   Impounded livestock to be fed and watered
   95.68   Right to feed impounded livestock; owner liable
   95.69   Domestic fowl running at large after notice
   95.70   Codification of General Statutes
   95.99   Penalty