General Provisions; Definitions and Penalty
Editor's note: These Subdivision Regulations have been edited to be consistent with the provisions of the City Charter. In some cases this involved substantive deviation from the provisions of original Ordinance 1960-7, passed December 5, 1960.
   1220.01   Purpose and intent.
   1220.02   Separability.
   1220.03   Definitions.
   1220.99   Penalty.
   Powers and duties of the Planning Commission - see CHTR. Sec. 10.03
   Fee of designated public land to vest when plat recorded - see Ohio R.C. 711.01, 711.07
   Plat acknowledgment and recording - see Ohio R.C. 711.06
   Enactment and amendment of subdivision regulations - see Ohio R.C. 711.101
   Intensity of land use - see P. & Z. 1228.04
   Zoning definitions - see P. & Z. 1234.05