General Provisions
   35.01   Department created
   35.02   Appointments
   35.03   Rank
   35.04   Duties of Fire Chief
   35.05   Duties of members
   35.06   Command at fires
   35.07   Records
   35.08   Obedience to orders
   35.09   Rules and regulations
   35.10   Volunteers
   35.11   Bonds
   35.12   Temporary appointments
   35.13   Terms of office
   35.14   Foreign fire insurance companies
Firefighting Service Outside of City Limits
   35.25   Firefighters’ Pension Fund; coverage
Rules and Regulations Provided for the Efficient Service of Fire Department
   35.45   Illegal to drive across fire hose while in use
   35.46   Illegal to obstruct firefighters or equipment while in use
   35.47   Illegal to park vehicles in any way hindering operation of fire truck or within five feet of either side of the doors of fire house
   35.48   Illegal to remove firefighting equipment from storage
   35.49   Illegal to obstruct use of fire hydrant
   35.50   Regulation of automatic alarms, alerting devices and mechanical dialers
   35.99   Penalty