Sweepstakes Terminal Cafés
705.01   Title, purpose, and objective.
705.02   Construction, separability, and applicability of chapter.
705.03   Definitions.
705.04   Computerized sweepstakes device license required.
705.05   Sweepstakes terminal café license required.
705.06   Authority of Safety Director.
705.07   Nature of licenses.
705.08   Procedure for obtaining licenses.
705.09   Denial of sweepstakes terminal café license.
705.10   Conditions and regulations.
705.11   Prohibited conduct and conditions in sweepstakes terminal cafés.
705.12   License expiration, suspension or revocation.
705.13   Physical requirements of a sweepstakes terminal café or sweepstakes terminal area.
705.14   License fees.
705.15   Zoning compliance.
705.16   Equal opportunity.
705.99   Penalty.