(a)   Every rooftop or platform helistop shall be constructed of noncombustible material having a fire-resistance rating of not less than two hours, supported by a building or structure of equivalent fire-resistance rating.  Openings in the roof or platform shall not be permitted in the immediate landing area.  At least two approved means of egress, remote from each other, shall be provided from each rooftop landing area.  Such means of egress shall be by enclosed stairways at least equal in fire-resistance rating to that required by the Building and Housing Code for the specific occupancy of the building.
   (b)   Fire extinguishing systems consisting of dry mechanical portable extinguishers, building standpipe systems or other source of water supply, and at least two hose stations remote from each other, shall be provided subject to detailed specifications prescribed by the Fire Chief. 
(Ord. 62-1968.  Passed 3-11-68.)
Penalty - see Sections 307.01 and 307.02