(a)   Definitions.  As used in this section, “satellite earth station” means an antenna of any size, shape or description designed for the purpose of receiving microwave or other means of signal transmissions from earth orbiting satellites or other sources.
   (b)   Permit Required.  No person, firm or corporation shall erect a satellite earth station in the City without first obtaining a permit, and no installation or erection shall commence before such permit is issued in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. However, satellite earth stations of a dish type, with a front face not exceeding eight square feet, measured by smallest single rectangle drawn to enclose the dish, are exempt from the permit requirement of this chapter.
   (c)   Application for Permit and Plans.
      (1)   Any property owner or contractor who desires to construct or erect a satellite earth station shall apply to the Building Commissioner for the permit described in subsection (b) hereof.  A part owner, occupant, renter or contractor shall have the written permission of the owner of the lot, premises or parcel of land within the City upon which such construction or erected satellite earth station is proposed.  Upon vacating such premises, the permit holder shall remove such dish within thirty days.
      (2)   The Building Commissioner shall issue such permit, provided the applicant submits a written application upon forms provided by the Building Division, along with three sets of plans, including a plot plan of the lot, premises or parcel of land, showing the exact location of the proposed satellite earth station and all other kinds of satellite earth stations proposed; plans showing specifications and elevations of the proposed satellite earth station; and sufficient details to show the method of assembly and construction.
      (3)   The application shall indicate the owner or owners of the subject property, the occupant of the subject premises and the contractor or other person who shall be permitted to construct or erect the proposed satellite earth station.
      (4)   All contractors installing satellite earth stations shall be registered with the City.
   (d)   Inspection of Installation.  The Building Commissioner shall be responsible for the inspection of satellite earth stations during construction and the reinspection of the completed satellite earth station for any structural or electrical deficiencies which may appear or exist.  The Building Commissioner shall require immediate correction of any such deficiencies.
   (e)   Location of Satellite Earth Station; Ground and Roof Mountings.
      (1)   No ground-mounted satellite earth station, including its concrete base or other substructure, shall be erected in the front or side yard.
      (2)   No satellite earth station shall be linked physically or electronically to a receiver which is not located on the same lot, premises or parcel of land as the earth station.
      (3)   Ground-mounted satellite earth stations may be constructed only in rear yards not closer than eight feet to any lot line, and not visible from the street or from a neighbor's lot, with approved evergreen landscaping shown in the plan and planted with the approval of the Building Commissioner. Appropriate landscaping shall entirely screen the earth station with the exception of the southwestern view of the sky.
         A,   Ground-mounted installations exempt from permit requirements (eight square feet or less) are also exempt from landscape and screening requirements.
      (4)   Roof-mounted satellite earth stations may be installed in any Use District where no other option is feasible. They shall not be mounted onto appurtenances such as chimneys, towers or poles and they shall not exceed a height of eight feet above the roof upon which they are mounted. The minimum distance from any edge of the roof shall be equal to the height of the antenna and its base. The surface of the roof shall be flat and parallel to the ground.
         A.   Roof-mounted and wall-mounted installations exempt from permit requirements may be installed in any use district and may be mounted on appurtenant structures such as chimneys and parapets subject to the side yard restrictions of the Use District in which they are located.
      (5)   Upon written request from the City Planning and Zoning Commission, the Commission may grant, subject to the approval of Council, special written permission for the erection of a satellite earth station, contrary to the provisions of paragraphs (e)(1), (2), (3) and (4) hereof, if the Commission finds that such erection or installation is consistent with sound engineering practice and after consultation with the Building Division concerning such request.  The Commission shall have the authority provided in this subsection to alter the requirements of this chapter for satellite earth stations to be constructed in U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6 and any U-R Use Districts.
   (f)   Satellite Earth Station Construction; Support Structures.
      (1)   Only corrosion-resistant material shall be permitted in a support structure.
      (2)   The structure must be in conformance with all applicable Federal, State and City codes.
      (3)   Only a concrete base or caissons, depending upon soil conditions, shall be employed in line with grade for ground-mounted stations.
      (4)   The maximum height of any ground-mounted free-standing satellite earth station shall be twelve feet from the natural grade level.
      (5)   The structure, including the foundation and excluding supporting guy wires, shall be designed to withstand a wind force of up to eighty-five miles per hour in accordance with generally accepted engineering practice.
      (6)   All roof-mounted and ground-mounted satellite dishes are to be a mesh-type construction with a non-glare unobtrusive color finish.
      (7)   For roof-mounted satellite earth stations, the structural strength of the roof shall be determined to be capable of supporting the weight of the earth station as well as withstanding stresses incurred by the earth station from severe winds of up to eighty-five miles per hour.
      (8)   All roof-mounted and ground-mounted satellite earth station electrical wiring shall be installed per all applicable codes.  Ground-mounted station wiring shall be underground and shall be approved by a recognized testing agency.
      (9)   Separate branch circuits shall be provided for each motor circuit, and conductors shall have an ampacity not less than the maximum load to be served.  Every driving motor circuit shall be protected by a listed or labeled G.F. C.I., and all motors shall be guarded and isolated from unqualified persons who might come in contact with the equipment.
      (10)   Branch circuits and the frames of stationary motors shall be grounded to an eight-foot driven grounding rod in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code, shall have an effective grounding path and shall:
         A.   Be permanent and continuous;
         B.   Have the capacity to conduct safely any fault current likely to be imposed on it;
         C.   Have sufficiently low impedance to limit the voltage to ground and facilitate the operation of the circuit protective devices in the circuit.
      (11)   All motors over 1/8 h.p. shall have a disconnect located within sight of the motor and shall meet all requirements for disconnects as specified in the National Electrical Code.
      (12)   If guy wires are used, they shall be confined within a fenced area or be protected by a suitable shield.
      (13)   The requirements of this section may be modified if the Commission, after reviewing the plan and any other information it may request, finds that such erection or installation is consistent with sound engineering practice.
   (g)   Permit Fee.  The fee required for a satellite earth station permit shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) for a U1 and U2 Use District installation and one hundred dollars ($100.00) for all others.
   (h)   Prohibitions.
      (1)   No person, firm or corporation shall erect or maintain a satellite earth station unless it is in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
      (2)   No property owner, part owner, occupant, renter or contractor shall advertise on an earth satellite station within the City.
(Ord. 69-1985.  Passed 6-3-85; Ord. 168-2006.  Passed 10-2-06.)