The following uses shall be prohibited in the City:
      (1)   Abattoir, stock yards;
      (2)   Acid manufacture;
      (3)   Asphalt manufacture or refining;
      (4)   Brick, tile or terra cotta manufacture;
      (5)   Carbon, coke or lamp black manufacture;
      (6)   Celluloid manufacture or storage;
      (7)   Cement, lime, gypsum or plaster of Paris manufacture;
      (8)   Chlorine or hydrochloric, nitric or picric acid manufacture;
      (9)   Clay products manufacture;
      (10)   Creosote manufacture or treatment plant;
      (11)   Distillation of bones, fat rendering, glue manufacture;
      (12)   Dye stuff manufacture;
      (13)   Emery cloth or sandpaper manufacture;
      (14)   Explosives and fireworks, manufacture or storage;
      (15)   Fertilizer manufacture;
      (16)   Gas manufacture or storage;
      (17)   Incineration or reduction of dead animals, garbage, offal or refuse, except in a private incinerator;
      (18)   Iron or steel foundry, blast furnace, rolling mill, forge shop;
      (19)   Match manufacture;
      (20)   Mineral insulation manufacture, mining;
      (21)   Nitrating of cotton or other cellulose material;
      (22)   Occupancy of or by automobile trailer, trailer coach or trailer and use for living or sleeping quarters;
      (23)   Oilcloth or linoleum manufacture, oil wells;
      (24)   Ore reduction and general smelting operations;
      (25)   Paint, shellac, turpentine, lacquer or varnish manufacture;
      (26)   Potash manufacture;
      (27)   Printing ink manufacture;
      (28)   Rayon manufacture;
      (29)   Rock, concrete and slag crushing;
      (30)   Rubber, caoutchouc or gutta percha manufacture or rag storage;
      (31)   Scrap iron or junk storage, scrap paper or rag storage;
      (32)   Smelting of ores;
      (33)   Soap, tallow, grease or lard manufacture or refining;
      (34)   Soda ash, caustic soda or washing compound manufacture;
      (35)   Stone quarry, gravel and sand pit;
      (36)   Storage of volatile oil or gasoline in excess of 25,000 gallons;
      (37)   Tanneries, oil refineries;
      (38)   Tanning, curing or storage of raw hides or skins;
      (39)   Tar distillation or manufacture;
      (40)   Tar roofing or tar waterproofing manufacture;
      (41)   Trailer camps, tourist camp or cabin plot;
      (42)   Noisy amusement enterprise if operated as a business;
      (43)   Fish houses, live poultry sales, poultry killing where the main or principal business is the killing of poultry;
      (44)   Outdoor moving picture or outdoor cinema theater;
      (45)   Any use involving the handling, transferring, treating or recycling, in any manner whatsoever, of any hazardous waste.  This section shall not apply to any medical facility or business which handles, transfers, treats or recycles hazardous waste produced from its own operations.  For purposes of this subsection, the term hazardous waste shall include any medical waste, toxic materials and/or waste, contaminated soil and any other materials and/or waste which may present any significant threat to human or environmental health or safety.
   If there arises any misunderstanding in reference to the interpretation of any of the uses, such misunderstanding will be termed a special case and such special cases that may arise are left to the discretion of the City Planning and Zoning Commission established in this Planning and Zoning Code.
(Ord. 28-1957.  Passed 1-28-57; Ord. 182-1993.  Passed 10-4-93; Ord. 69-2006.  Passed 5-1-06.)