Should the owners of the subdivision desire to construct sewers, water mains or paving at their own cost and expense, such owners will be required to file with Council their written consent that in case any of such improvements are constructed and the same are at any time used by or for the benefit of the City or any of the inhabitants thereof, such use shall not be held or deemed an appropriation by the City of such sewers, water mains, paving or any part thereof, for which use or appropriation the City shall be called upon or held liable in any manner to such owners, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns, or to any person or corporation interested therein or using the same.  The City or inhabitants thereof shall be permitted to use such sewers, water mains or pavement, or any part thereof so constructed, to such an extent and for such purposes as the same may be adopted, without any obligation or liability for compensation or damages, or other reward for such use.  However, in case any compensation is paid for or on account of the location of construction or any sewers, water mains or pavement so constructed, the City shall not have nor make any claim for such compensation.
(Ord. 5158.  Passed 8-2-26.)