Department of Finance
137.01   Personnel.
137.02   Permit and license fees.
137.03   Investment of funds.
137.04   Deposits in financial institutions.
137.05   Distribution of interest earned.
137.06   Proceeds from sale of real property.
137.07   Appropriation of public funds; duty of Finance Director to report to Council.
137.08   Audit Committee.
   Department established - see CHTR. Art. V, Sec. 1
   Director's powers and duties - see CHTR. Art. V, Sec. 4
   Director as Secretary of Board of Control - see CHTR. Art. V, Sec. 8
   Council control of finances - see CHTR. Art. VIII
   Uniform Bond Law - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 133
   Uniform Depository Act - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 135
   Assessments and contracts - see ADM. Ch. 109
   Filing of reports re tenants with Finance Director - see B.R. & T. 743.01