(A)   Motorized carts. It shall be the duty of every owner of a motorized cart that is operated over public streets and those areas accessible by the public to register the cart with the city within ten business days of the date of purchase. A numerical decal shall be issued upon registration; and a record of each motorized cart number, along with the name and address of the owner, year, make, serial number and color of cart shall be maintained by the Police Department. The decal must be affixed to the cart in the such a manner as to be fully visible at all times. The registration fee for motorized carts owned by city residents shall be $20, and the registration shall be effective until July 1 each year or until such time cart is sold or otherwise disposed of. A flat annual fee of registration/user fee of $25 shall be charged to non-residents of the city. The non-resident fee shall be effective until July 1 each year or until such time as the cart is sold or otherwise disposed of. Registrations will not be transferrable.
   (B)   LSMVs. No LSMV shall be operated on the public streets located within the territorial boundaries of the city unless it is legally registered with the city.
   (C)   Equipment. Every cart shall at all time be equipped with an exhaust system in good working order and in constant operation, meeting the following specifications.
      (1)   The exhaust system shall include the piping leading from the flange of the exhaust manifold to and including the muffler and exhaust pipes or include any and all parts specified by the manufacturer.
      (2)   The exhaust system and its elements shall be securely fastened, including the consideration of missing of broken brackets or hangers.
      (3)   The engine and powered mechanism of every cart shall be so equipped, adjusted and tuned as to prevent the escape of excessive smoke or fumes.
   (D)   Operation. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any cart to operate or permit the operation of such cart on which any device controlling or abating atmospheric emissions, which is placed on a cart by the manufacturer, to render the devise unserviceable by removal, alteration or which interferes with its operation.
   (E)   Rental carts. Cart dealers and distributors, as well as other commercial establishments, may rent carts to the public for use on the public streets and those areas accessible by the public of the city. Each such establishment renting carts shall be required to register each such rental cart in accordance with divisions (A) and (B) above and shall maintain a written record of each person who rents each cart. Renters shall be required to furnish positive identification, shall be provided a copy of this subchapter to read and must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. The registration fee and transfer fees and regulations shall be the same as those in divisions (A) and (B) above.
   (F)   Age, number of registrants limited. Only those persons 18 years of age or older may register a motorized cart. Cart registration may be in one person’s name only, and the registration form must be signed by that person.
(1994 Code, § 15-802)  (Ord. 628, passed 5-27-2003; Ord. 821, passed 7-23-2018)   Penalty, see § 73.99