General Provisions
   71.01   Speed limits
   71.02   Turning movements
   71.03   Motor vehicle requirements
   71.04   Driving on streets closed for repairs and the like
   71.05   One-way streets
   71.06   Unlaned streets
   71.07   Laned streets
   71.08   Yellow lines
   71.09   Miscellaneous traffic-control signs and the like
   71.10   General requirements for traffic-control signs and the like
   71.11   Unauthorized traffic-control signs and the like
   71.12   Presumption with respect to traffic-control signs and the like
   71.13   School safety patrols
   71.14   Driving through funerals or other processions
   71.15   Clinging to vehicles in motion
   71.16   Riding on outside of vehicles
   71.17   Backing vehicles
   71.18   Projections from the rear of vehicles
   71.19   Causing unnecessary noise
   71.20   Passing
   71.21   Damaging pavements
   71.22   Bicycle riders and the like
   71.23   Motorcycles, motor scooters and motorbikes
   71.24   Operation of commercial trucks
   71.25   Street crossing by pedestrians
   71.26   Delivery of vehicle to unlicensed driver and the like
   71.27   Compliance with financial responsibility law required
   71.28   Use of safety belts in passenger vehicles
   71.29   Adoption of state traffic statues
Stopping and Yielding
   71.40   Upon approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   71.41   When emerging from alleys and the like
   71.42   To prevent obstructing an intersection
   71.43   At railroad crossings
   71.44   At “stop” signs
   71.45   At “yield” signs
   71.46   At traffic-control signals generally
   71.47   At flashing traffic-control signals
   71.48   Stopping for school buses
   71.49   Stops to be signaled
   71.99   Penalty