§ 35.056  PURPOSE.
   The city, in electing to update the established program plan, will maintain an effective occupational safety and health program for its employees and shall:
   (A)   Provide a safe and healthful place and condition of employment that includes:
      (1)   Top management commitment and employee involvement;
      (2)   Continually analyze the worksite to identify all hazards and potential hazards;
      (3)   Develop and maintain methods for preventing or controlling existing or potential hazards; and
      (4)   Train managers, supervisors and employees to understand and deal with worksite hazards.
   (B)   Acquire, maintain and require the use of safety equipment, personal protective equipment and devices reasonably necessary to protect employees;
   (C)   Record, keep, preserve and make available to the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development or persons within the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to whom such responsibilities have been delegated, adequate records of all occupational accidents and illnesses and personal injuries for proper evaluation and necessary corrective action as required;
   (D)   Consult with the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development with regard to the adequacy of the form and content of records;
   (E)   Consult with the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development, as appropriate, regarding safety and health problems which are considered to be unusual or peculiar and are such that they cannot be achieved under a standard promulgated by the state;
   (F)   Provide reasonable opportunity for the participation of employees in the effectuation of the objectives of this program, including the opportunity to make anonymous complaints concerning conditions or practices injurious to employee safety and health; and
   (G)   Provide for education and training of personnel for the fair and efficient administration of occupational safety and health standards, and provide for education and notification of all employees of the existence of this program plan.
(1994 Code, § 4-302)  (Ord. 631, passed 7-28-2003; Ord. 849, passed 4-27-2020)