In the case of a subdivision consisting of five lots or less, the Planning Commission may exempt the developer from complying with some of the requirements stipulated in Chapter 1113, pertaining to the preparation of the preliminary subdivision plan, provided, however, that all of the following conditions are met:
   (a)   The proposed subdivision is located along an existing dedicated public street or road and involves no opening, widening or extension of any street or road. Each lot or parcel created must display adequate frontage on an existing dedicated public road.
   (b)   No more than five lots or parcels, any one of which is less than five acres, are created.
   (c)   The proposed subdivision is not contrary to applicable subdivision or zoning regulations. Approval may not be granted if any variance from either zoning or subdivision regulations is requested.
   (d)   The property has been surveyed.
(Ord. 97-297.  Passed 12-15-97.)