Any person owning a lot in the City requesting that a street or alley in the immediate vicinity of such lot be vacated, narrowed or the name thereof changed shall file with the Clerk of Council:
   (a)   A petition in writing for such change of name, vacating or narrowing of such street or alley;
   (b)   Twenty-five copies of an accurate legal description of the street or alley, together with twenty-five copies of a plat drawn to scale of one inch equals 100 feet;
   (c)   Twenty-five copies of an ordinance approved in writing as to form by the City Solicitor;
   (d)   Twenty-five copies of a list of the owners and their addresses, of the property abutting upon the part of the street or alley proposed to be vacated, narrowed or changed in name;
   (e)   Written consent from such abutting property owners; if no written consent is obtained, a statement must be made in the petition to that effect;
   (f)   A fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to defray the costs of notices and other expenses connected with the hearing provided for in Section 913.04.
(Ord. 86-21. Passed 1-21-86. )