(a)   All fences, hedges or walls shall be subject to the following height regulations:
      (1)   Front yards. Hedges, fences, walls and solid fences shall not exceed thirty-six inches in height.
      (2)   Side yards. Hedges, fences and enclosures shall not exceed seventy-two inches in height.
      (3)   Rear yards. Rear yard dimensions shall apply from the back wall of the house to the rear property line, and no fence shall be higher than ninety-six inches on a level lot or 120 inches in areas where the topography is very uneven and unlevel.
   (b)   In interpreting the height of the fences referred to in this section, the height shall be measured from the existing ground elevation of the property on which the fence is to be located to the top of the fence.
(Ord. 2151. Passed 9-19-94.)