General Provisions
   152.001   Definitions
   152.002   Chapter subject to limitations of state zoning law
   152.003   Zoning map
   152.004   Streets not shown on zoning map
   152.005   Building permits; required for certain purposes
   152.006   Building permits; plats to accompany applications for permit
   152.007   Enforcement officers
   152.008   Investigation of reports of violation; building permit denied in cases of violation
Use Districts
   152.020   Purpose, number and designation
   152.021   Districts are as shown on zoning map
   152.022   Buildings and premises to be used only for permitted purposes
   152.023   Limited uses for animals and poultry
   152.024   Electric fences prohibited; staking of domestic animals prohibited
   152.025   Permitted uses in residential districts
   152.026   Institutional districts
   152.027   Permitted uses in commercial districts
   152.028   Permitted uses; industrial
Nonconforming Uses
   152.040   When permitted
   152.041   Certain structural alterations in buildings require change of use
   152.042   Effect of addition of side and rear open porches
   152.043   Change or abandonment
   152.044   Determination of existence or abandonment
Height Districts
   152.055   Purpose, number and designation
   152.056   Districts are as shown on zoning map; applicability
   152.057   Buildings to conform to height regulations
   152.058   Forty-foot district
   152.059   Eighty-foot district
   152.060   One hundred thirty-foot district
   152.061   One hundred fifty-foot district
   152.062   Exceptions
Area Districts; Generally
   152.075   Purpose, number and designation
   152.076   Districts are as shown on zoning map
   152.077   Buildings to conform to area regulations
A Area District
   152.090   Minimum dimensions of yards and courts
B Area District
   152.105   Minimum dimensions of yards and courts
   152.106   Rear yard
   152.107   Side yard
   152.108   Open court
   152.109   Enclosed court
   152.110   Percentage of lot occupancy
C, D and E Area Districts
   152.125   Minimum dimensions of yards and courts
   152.126   Percentage of lot occupancy
Area District Exceptions
   152.140   Exceptions enumerated
   152.141   Limited video lottery establishments
Vehicle Parking; Parking Areas
   152.155   “Parking or garage space” defined
   152.156   Minimum parking or garage space for each building
   152.157   Limitations on location
   152.158   Limited use of parking or garage space when located on lot other than lot on which related building stands
   152.159   Applicability of division to existing buildings
   152.160   Arrangement of parking spaces within area
   152.161   Plat or map to accompany application for building permit
   152.162   Storage garages
   152.163   Table for determination of number of required spaces
   152.164   Lot location for off-street parking facilities
   152.165   Fractional spaces
   152.166   Authority of Board of Zoning Appeals to permit waivers and modifications
Parking of Trailers; House Trailer Camps
   152.180   Definitions
   152.181   Prohibited parking of mobile homes
   152.182   How house trailer camps may be established
   152.183   Space and location requirements for parking of house trailers
   152.184   Building permit requirements
Certificates of Occupancy
   152.195   Purposes for which required; applications for and issuance of
   152.196   Posting of certificate
   152.197   When certificate may be issued
   152.198   Prohibited occupation or use of premises prior to issuance of certificate
   152.199   Record of certificates issued
Board of Zoning Appeals; Generally
   152.210   Board continued in existence; how referred to; statutory powers and duties
   152.211   Officers
   152.212   Docket and minute book
   152.213   Publications of notice of public hearings on appeals; adjourned meetings
   152.214   Duration of validity of orders and building permits relating to erection or alteration of buildings
   152.215   Duration of validity of orders permitting use of buildings or premises
   152.216   Reports of Board proceedings and records thereof
   152.217   Annual reports to Planning Commission, Mayor and Council
Board of Zoning Appeals; Powers Relating to Exceptions and Special Questions
   152.230   Powers relative to variances
   152.231   Granting of exceptions
   152.232   Powers relative to nonconforming uses
Board of Zoning Appeals; Miscellaneous Provisions
   152.245   Meetings; quorum
   152.246   Cases before the Board
   152.247   The docket and calendar
   152.248   Hearings
   152.249   Rehearing
   152.250   Advice
   152.251   Fee for filing of an appeal
   152.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to enact zoning ordinances, see W.Va. Code § 8A-7-1
   Urban and rural planning and zoning, see W.Va. Code § 8A-7