Sec. 6-2-15 Use and/or Lease of Village Equipment and Services.
   (a)   Equipment. The Village of Edgar shall not permit any private party to use and/or lease/rent any Village equipment for private purposes. However, where it is deemed to be in the public interest, such Village equipment may be rented/leased to private parties performing municipal-related work provided such equipment is operated at all times by trained Village personnel and lease/rental rates fully reflect all Village costs, including, but not limited to, wages, maintenance, insurance, non-wage compensation/benefits, etc.
   (b)   Services. The Village of Edgar generally does not provide specialized services such as heavy equipment services, snowplowing, etc., for private parties, whether for a fee or no fee. However, due to the unavailability of private sector service providers and in order to protect public safety, the Village of Edgar may provide, for example but not limited to, sanding/salting services to private businesses on a fee basis.