Sec. 6-2-19 Adoption of State Statutes Concerning Roads.
The statutory provisions in the following enumerated sections of the Wisconsin Statutes, exclusive of any provisions therein relating to the penalties to be imposed or the punishment for violation of said statutes, are hereby adopted and, by reference, made a part of this Section. Any act required to be performed or prohibited by any regulation incorporated herein by reference is required or prohibited by this Section. Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the statutory regulations incorporated herein are intended to be made part of this Section.
   (a)   Sec. 82.19   Highways, Discontinuance of
   (b)   Sec. 86.01   Materials Left in Highway
   (c)   Sec. 86.021   Highways, Cultivation of; Injury by Farm Machinery
   (d)   Sec. 86.022   Obstructing Highway with Embankment or Ditch
   (e)   Sec. 86.025   Camping on Highways
   (f)   Sec. 86.03   Trees, On and Adjacent to Highways
   (g)   Sec. 86.04   Highway Encroachments
   (h)   Sec. 86.05   Highways, Duty to Restore Entrances
   (i)   Sec. 86.06   Highways, Closing to Travel
   (j)   Sec. 86.07   Highways, Digging in Highways; Using Bridges for Advertising
   (k)   Sec. 86.105   Driveways, Snow Removal
   (I)   Sec. 86.19   Highway Signs, Regulation, Prohibition
   (m) Sec. 146.13   Highways and Surface Waters, Discharging Noxious Matter Into