Sec. 6-2-9 Terrace Areas.
   (a)   Definition. The definition of "terrace" shall be as defined in Section 6-4-3(d).
   (b)   Noxious Weeds; Paving. All that part of the terrace not covered by a sidewalk shall be kept free and clear of all noxious weeds and shall not be paved, surfaced or covered with any material which shall prevent the growth of plants and shall be maintained as a lawn, except in areas specifically approved by the Village Board or its designee. Basketball backstops, statuary, structures, flag poles, sprinkler systems, decorative berms, "invisible" dog fencing, and other objects shall not be placed in the terrace area.
   (c)   Responsibility to Maintain. Every owner of land in the Village of Edgar whose land abuts a terrace is required to maintain, or have maintained by his/her tenant, the terrace directly abutting such land as provided in this Section and elsewhere in this Code of Ordinances. Every owner shall keep mailboxes located on a terrace free and clear of snow.
Cross-Reference: Title 6, Chapter 4.