Chapter 2
Streets and Sidewalks
   6-2-1   Removal of Rubbish and Dirt from Sidewalks
   6-2-2   Construction and Repair of Sidewalks
   6-2-3   Curb and Gutter Construction
   6-2-4   Excavations of Streets, Alleys, Public Ways and Grounds
   6-2-5   Regulations Governing Excavations and Openings
   6-2-6   Obstructions and Encroachments
   6-2-7   Street Privilege Permit
   6-2-8   Snow and Ice Removal
   6-2-9   Terrace Areas
   6-2-10   Vaults
   6-2-11   Requests for Improvements
   6-2-12   Unlawful Dumping on Streets
   6-2-13   Street Numbers
   6-2-14   Obstruction of Public Ditches
   6-2-15   Use and/or Lease of Village Equipment and Services
   6-2-16   Village Public Construction Projects; No-Bid Construction
   6-2-17   Dirt and Debris on Streets
   6-2-18   Damage to Streets and Public Property
   6-2-19   Adoption of State Statutes Concerning Roads
   6-2-20   Grass Clippings
   6-2-21   Mailbox Placement Standards