17-201: Water System As Public Utility
17-202: Water Rates
17-203: Application For Water Service
17-204: One Premises To A Tap; Subsidiary Connection And Cross Connection Prohibited
17-205: Turning On Water; Permit
17-206: Water May Be Cut Off
17-207: Water To Be Turned Back On Only By Authority
17-208: Customers To Keep Service Pipes In Good Repair
17-209: Discontinuance Of Service; Notice
17-210: Vacant Property; Notice To Secure Remit
17-211: Account Against The Number Of Property And Premises Described; Exception
17-212: Water For Building And Construction Purposes To Be Charged Against Property
17-213: Right Reserved To Shut Off Water
17-214: Waste Of Water Prohibited
17-215: Meters; Administrative Review
17-216: Testing Meters
17-217: Reservoirs Protected
17-218: Temporary Or Periodic Restrictions On Water Usage
17-219: Notice
17-220: Restrictions On Water Use
17-221: Exemptions
17-222: Penalties For Violations Of Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4 Or Stage 5 Prohibitions
17-223: Interference With Meters; Averaging Charges